Potomac, MD – November 11, 2016

BizLibrary, the leader in employee training and development solutions has announced WILL Interactive as a new content producer partner. The micro video-based content to be added to The BizLibrary Collection will initially include over 75 segments from WILL Interactive’s Cinar.io series.

Cinar.io videos are live-action, cinematic clips that can be incorporated into training programs across a wide range of industries. These videos cover topics in leadership, communication, workplace harassment, ethical decision-making, and many others.

Both linear and branching models are used within WILL’s interactive videos – linear scenarios run straight through to the conclusion, while branching scenarios allow the learner to make choices that affect the path of the scenario. This style of interactivity vastly increases engagement with the content and helps learners see how their actions affect outcomes. Once the learner has reached a conclusion, they also have the ability to return to the decision and see how a different choice would affect the outcome.

This micro video-based content from WILL Interactive will add a brand new style of interactivity to The BizLibrary Collection, giving training programs the ability to further engage employees and create the development and behavior change that organizations are seeking through online training.